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Association of
Community Theaters
of Greater Cincinnati


ACT is Unique 

The Association of Community Theaters (ACT) of Greater Cincinnati, Inc. is a one-of-a-kind non-profit service organization dedicated to encouraging the continued growth and development of quality community theater in the Greater Cincinnati area. ACT is an umbrella organization that unites local community theaters in order to foster cooperation, communication, collaboration and education in the hope of assisting member groups to produce the best possible theatrical productions for their audiences.

ACT is Historic 

Founded in 1955, ACT has supported and developed Cincinnati area community theater for over 60 years. Three of the current 18 member groups were among the original charter groups. One group, CenterStage Players (formerly Wyoming Players) is the oldest community theater group in Ohio, having produced shows since 1885.

ACT is Growing 

Community theater is flourishing in the Greater Cincinnati area as evidenced in the locations of its member groups. ACT recently welcomed the latest new group, Queen City Productions! 






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ACT is Educational 

ACT strongly supports education in the theatrical arts and those young people who choose to pursue it as a career. ACT is proud to provide financial assistance to area college students studying theatrical arts by sponsoring an annual scholarship competition. Six performance scholarships and one technical scholarship, ranging from $2,500 to $350, are awarded annually.

ACT’s belief in education also extends to its unique Adjudication Program. The judging program provides written critiques of member groups' productions by peers and local academics. These adjudicators also nominate outstanding work in performance and technical fields for Orchid Awards presented annually at the ACT Banquet which is held in conjunction with the OCTAFest.

ACT is Social 

Each June, ACT hosts the annual Southwest Region OCTAFest. This annual Ohio Community Theater Association (OCTA) event brings together over a dozen of the ACT groups (if they also belong to OCTA) who present a 30-minute excerpt from a show they produced that season. At the conclusion of the event, some of those groups are invited to perform their excerpts at the state-wide OCTAFest held Labor Day weekend.

The Southwest Region OCTA Fest is a much anticipated event known for both the variety of excerpts presented and for the comradery between performers and audience who come together to share the art form they all love!

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ACT Can Be You! 

Opportunities await for you to join in the fun! Whether you are an onstage performer, or a behind-the-scenes person, there are opportunities to work in every area of theatrical production. You can expand your present knowledge and expertise or try new things as you learn and work along with fellow aficionados.


Take the first step and contact an ACT theater group in your neighborhood -- or a group who specializes in your "type" of theater. They will be glad to get you involved in their current or upcoming productions where you too can enjoy the fulfilling, enjoyable experience of creating theater!

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