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ACT Excerpt Information

Raise your hands up~ the 2023 Southwest Regional OCTAFest Convention was a huge success!

Thank you to everyone who attended an amazing weekend of theater, storytelling, comradery, and friendships! Congratulations to Cincinnati Music Theatre (Kinky Boots), Footlighters, Inc (A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder), Tri-County Players (A View From the Bridge), and alternate Mariemont Players (Ken Ludwig's The Gods of Comedy) who were chosen to represent the Southwest Region at OCTAFest in September.










Technical details of the playing space at Miami University Hamilton's Parrish Auditorium: 


  • The playing area is six (6) zones. Each zone is individually controllable with its own fader.

  • Zone 1= DSR, Zone 2=DSC, Zone 3= DSL, Zone 4= USR, Zone 5= USC, and Zone 6= USL

  • A seventh "all zones" fader will be available.

  • There will also be a full stage blue wash fader available for scene change lighting. 

  • Lights in downstage zones will be focused with enough overshoot to ensure that a six foot(ish) tall person standing anywhere in a zone will be lit. Upstage zones will allow for a six foot tall person on a three foot platform.


  • The Parrish Auditorium sound system will be running with three PCC160 boundary mics in front of the DSR, DSC, and DSL Zones.

  • For music and sound effects, there will be: 

    • A CD player in the booth.​

    • A 3.5mm cable in the booth for laptops, iPads, etc...

    • A 20 foot XLR cable coiled at the stage right proscenium arch for groups that bring their own sound equipment.

More information about OCTA and other regions in the state can be found at

The 2022 Southwest Regional OCTAFest Excerpts are officially in the books!



















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