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Acting Up! Venue Information

Venue: Rented

Load In: 6-8 hours including rehearsals

Lighting: Use Available Instruments

Address: Mason Middle School or Mason High School

Set constructed: Off site
Time onstage before opening: 5 days

Rental: Not required

Available instruments: 30 ellipsoidal fixtures of various beam angles, 18 ETC Source 4 pars, a dozen or so ancient Altman Par Cans and 3, 4 cell cyc light fixtures

Lighting Control: Computer

Restrictions on use of lighting; None

Available dim channels: 120 2.4K incl house. Individually controlled
Sound Rent/own: “other”
Sound equip: owns 18 wireless mic systems, rents 8-12 more,: uses available.

Stage Dimensions: 50’ W X 40’ deep X 16’ H

Other restrictions or limitations: Venue is rented hourly; Not accessible until after 5:00pm; 70 or so cast members with limited rehearsal time