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Tri-County Players' Venue Information

Venue address:

  • Bell Tower Arts Pavilion 3270 Glendale Milford Road Cincinnati, OH 45241

Venue rented or owned:

  • Rented

Stage dimensions: 

  • 24 feet x 20 feet

Set construction on or off site:

  • Minimal onsite  

Wing space:

  • None

Fly system:

  • None

Load in:

  • Tech week

Time onstage before opening:

  •  Approximately half the rehearsals and tech week

Lighting instruments/equipment:

  • 11 – 6 degree spread LED can lights that cover half the stage

Lighting equipment rent/own:

  • Work lights on lighting tree covers the rest of the stage

Lighting control:

  • Manuel and iPad combination

Restrictions on use of lighting:

  • None

Available dim channels:

  •  11

Sound instruments/equipment:

  • None

Sound equipment rent/own:

  • Laptop

Restrictions on use of sound:

  • None

 Other restrictions or limitations that adjudicators should know about:

  • All sets must be free standing, not attached to any wall or stage. Set build can not start until Tech Sunday.

Website URL:

  • No website

Year group founded:

  • 1960

 Full time staff? 

  • No.

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