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Mason Community Playhouse Venue Information

Venue address:

  • 5529 Mason Road, Mason, OH 45040

Venue rented or owned:

  • Owned

Stage dimensions: 

  • Stage is set in corner, 13’ of depth in center, 9.5 feet of depth on sides, 12 feet across with two angle areas of 9 feet each to comprise the “Proscenium”

  • also use 8’ x 12’ stage extension when director wishes

Set construction on or off site:

  • On Site

Wing space:

  • Not true wing space, but have one Room stage right, Hallway behind stage and Hallway stage left

Fly system:

  • None

Load in:

  • Not applicable 

Time onstage before opening:

  •  No less than four weeks

Lighting instruments/equipment:

  • 24 LED instruments hung, 5 of which are moveable; 2 follow spots

Lighting equipment rent/own:

  • Own

Lighting control:

  • Q-Lab Software

Restrictions on use of lighting:

  • Do not have appropriate ability to hang instruments from optimum height and angle; grid is part of 5-10 year plan

Available dim channels:

  •  Unlimited

Sound instruments/equipment:

  • Q-Lab Software plus Yamaha LS9 Board, 24 wireless microphones, three plate microphones

Sound equipment rent/own:

  • Own

Restrictions on use of sound:

  • None

 Other restrictions or limitations that adjudicators should know about:

  • As is the case for many who have appropriated a building not designed for theatre, acoustics are problematic.

Website URL:

Year group founded:

  • 1973

 Full time staff? 

  • No.

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