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ACT Cincinnati Member Groups

Become a member of ACT Cincinnati

Group membership in ACT Cincinnati is open to any and all theaters in the Greater Cincinnati area who meet the following criteria:

  • Group has eligibility for non-profit, non-equity organizational status

  • Group has been in existence for at least one full year

  • Group has produced at least one full-length published play or musical within the past year

  • Group has at least 15 active members

  • Group holds auditions open to the public, as a general policy

  • Group has completed an application form to document the qualifications listed, as well as, any additional information considered pertinent by the Membership committee

  • Group is willing to participate in Southwest Regional OCTAFEST convention responsibilities

  • Group must send a representative to participate in the 9 ACT monthly meetings per year


Joining ACT is a very easy process

  • Interested groups are asked to contact the Membership Chair who will discuss the group’s mission and history.

  • If it appears that the group does meet the ACT membership criteria listed above, the Membership Chair will recommend to the President that a committee be assembled and sent to view a performance of a production produced by the interested group.

  • At the next monthly meeting after the committee attends the performance, the committee will recommend to the member groups whether the group should or should not to admitted into ACT.

  • The member groups will then vote to decide if the application should be accepted.

  • The ACT Membership Form is available here.

2023-2024 Member Groups

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