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Princeton High School's
Matthews Auditorium

Get to know our new venue, Matthews Auditorium!

Nervous about our new venue and what it has to offer? Don't be, ACT Cincinnati family. We recently took a field trip to our new venue at Princeton HS, and It. Is. Fabulous! We've taken some photos and videos for you to acquaint yourself with our regional home for 2024 (and hopefully beyond!) as well as a list of what equipment will be available at the space. 

Technical details of the playing space at Matthews Auditorium: 

Stage Dimensions: 

  • The acting area is 16’ deep by 24’ wide 

  • Any action taking place outside that 16' by 24' area will not be lit.

  • A minimum of five (5) masked entrances are needed: upstage center, upstage right, upstage left, downstage right, and downstage left.

  • Storage space for each individual groups' set pieces, props, furniture, equipment, 10' by 10'. All items must fit in the allotted 10' by 10' space.

  • All furniture and stage props must be furnished by the individual groups.


  • Matthews' light board is an ETC Ion

  • Lighting instruments are a combination of LED and incandescent lights. 

  • The playing area is six (6) zones. Each zone is individually controllable with its own fader.

  • Zone 1= DSR, Zone 2=DSC, Zone 3= DSL, Zone 4= USR, Zone 5= USC, and Zone 6= USL

  • A seventh "all zones" fader will be available.

  • There will also be a full stage blue wash fader available for scene change lighting. 

  • Lights in downstage zones will be focused with enough overshoot to ensure that a six foot(ish) tall person standing anywhere in a zone will be lit. Upstage zones will allow for a six foot tall person on a three foot platform.

  • There is a Topaze 1200W follow spot at Matthews, located on catwalk #1 above the seats, and has a headset for communication. If an individual group wants to use the follow spot, it must provide its own operator. No operator will be provided. Photos of the follow spot below. 

  • The set-up of any other special lighting must take place within the normal set-up time for the excerpt, which is part of the forty (40) minute set-up and performance time period and struck within the five (5) minute strike allowance.


  • There will be three (3) PCC160 boundary floor mics in front of the DSR, DSC, and DSL Zones.

  • No wireless body mics will be provided. If an individual group wants to use body mics, it must bring its own and provide its own sound operator.

  • Matthews has a Behringer X32 sound board with the ability to connect to laptops, iPads, etc... for music and sound effects. 

    • For music and sound effects, the following will be provided: 

      • A 1/8th inch AUX cable in the booth to hook up to a laptop, iPad, or phone. 

      • XLR connections for groups that bring their own sound equipment/board and want to run sound from the center of the Auditorium. 

Spotlight at Matthews.jpg
Spotlight at Matthews 2.jpg
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