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ACT Orchid Awards


The 2022 ACT/OCTAFest Convention is over! Congratulations to everyone for a wonderful convention weekend and successful season back together again after the COVID pandemic.


The full list of nominations and Orchid awards is here:


Below is a breakdown of number of nominations and awards by group for the 2021-2022 season:










ACT legend has it that The Orchid Awards are named after the orchids that were given to each female attendee of the first ACT banquets. Today, the Orchid Awards are ACT Cincinnati’s way to recognize and encourage excellence in over 23 performing and production areas. Orchid Awards are given to those who have been nominated by adjudicators who have attended ACT member productions through the ACT Adjudication Program.

The adjudicators simply nominate those areas of a production they feel are outstanding or excellent examples the craft. Everyone involved in the production is therefore eligible to be acknowledged by an award. If at least two of the three adjudicators consider a performance or production area of outstanding quality and nominates the same performance or production area, the person or persons responsible for that area is awarded an Orchid. Orchids are therefore highly coveted acknowledgements of the best a production has to offer.

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