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Lockland High School Venue Information

Venue address:

  • Lockland High School Auditorium 249 W Forrer Ave. Door #10 Cincinnati, OH 45215

Venue rented or owned:

  • Rented

Stage dimensions: 

  • 24 X 24

Set construction on or off site:

  • On Site

Wing space:

  • 4 Feet

Fly system:

  • None

Load in:

  • n/a

Time onstage before opening:

  •  6 - 8 weeks

Lighting instruments/equipment:

  • 19 Conventional and 11 LED

Lighting equipment rent/own:

  • Own

Lighting control:

  • Vista M1

Restrictions on use of lighting:

  • Very limited power available for the portable dimmer packs

  • Each outlet box, whether it’s a 2 outlet or 4 outlet box, can handle a maximum of ONE dimmer pack per box. NOTE: On nights and weekends, we do not have access to the circuit breakers controlling the balcony outlets, so it’s very important to follow these warnings.

    • On balcony, there are two new boxes and one old box on the back wall.

    • Each can power a maximum of ONE dimmer pack with NO MORE THAN THREE conventional (non-LED) instruments.

    • We typically power two more dimmer packs with 100’ extension cords plugged into new outlet boxes just behind the grand drape and running along the walls, then up to the balcony.

    • To use the movable spotlights, we run extension cords into the hallway behind the balcony and plug into outlets along the walls.

    • Backstage, there are two boxes on each side of the stage on the backstage side of the doorways. Each box, whether two or four outlets, can only power ONE dimmer pack. The LED lights and backstage blues can share these outlets.

    • Space heaters CANNOT be run on any of these circuits.

  • The (11) LED lights draw very little power and can be plugged in any box that has a

  • dimmer pack on it.

  • The light/sound booth is powered by a single extension cord located on the back wall

  • of the balcony. It can share an outlet box with a dimmer pack.

Available dim channels:

  •  19

Sound instruments/equipment:

  • Behringer 4 channel amp

  • Peavy 4 channel guitar/PA amp

  • (2) Peavey small speakers

  • (2) Rockland powered speakers (No separate amp required)

  • We borrow a snake from LHS.

  • We use (3) baby monitors for backstage monitoring.

  • Behringer Europower EPQ304 4 channel amp

Sound equipment rent/own:

  • Chris Lee regularly loans his Behringer 1204USB Mixer to run sound from computer to amps.

Restrictions on use of sound:

  • None

 Other restrictions or limitations that adjudicators should know about:

  • No answer

Website URL:

Year group founded:

  • Wyoming Players Founded in 1885

  • Changed name to CenterStage Players in 2012

 Full time staff? 

  • No

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